Summer Walk

Lauren and I just got back from a walk. It was short since the bugs are crazy.

Even with her braces (SMOs on her feet), it’s still hard for her to walk long distances, so our short trail is perfect.

I particularly liked this shot!

Happy Almost Weekend!

National Middle Child Day

Today is National Middle Child Day! Avery is the middle child in our family. She’s 18 months younger than Lauren and five years older than Hannah.

According to Well + Good, there are six traits that middle children share. The first is being able to keep the peace between her sisters. I don’t know about this one. Maybe it will get better when she’s older? The second trait is being creative at getting attention. She definitely has this one down.

The third trait is being known for being a tad melodramatic. Yep. She’s got this one too. the fourth trait is being independent. She’s always done things on her own, since she was really little. I try to help, but get told no every time. The fifth trait is knowing how important alone time is. She does spend quite a bit of time alone in her room. She’s usually drawing. I’ll have to see if I can share some of her drawings some time.

The last trait is having an easy time making friends. I think this is true of her. On her first day of summer school a few weeks ago, she made a friend on the first day. That’s something I could never accomplish!

This is a mural in downtown Brainerd, MN, done by the Crossing Arts Alliance.

Crow Wing County Fair

We finally made it to the fair (it’s the last day). We spent about an hour and a half wandering around, but it was so humid we were all ready to leave after we got mini donuts.

aug 3 fair1 web
aug 3 fair2 web
aug 3 fair3 web


aug 3 fair4 web
aug 3 fair5 web

The kids played a few games and won a lot of pencils (back-to-school shopping – DONE).

aug 3 fair6 web
aug 3 fair7 web

And we found some farm animals.

aug 3 fair8 web
aug 3 fair9 web
aug 3 fair10 web
aug 3 fair11 web

Oh, and I joined a local photography club! Brainerd FocalPoint Photography Club. We’re spending the rest of the day in the air conditioning reading our library books! Happy Weekend!

Summer School

Today was the first day of summer school for two out of the three kids. Lauren got picked up by the bus (10 minutes late – typical first-day issues) and I took Avery shortly after. They are both going to the same school now (the middle school) and there is a ton of construction going on around it, trying to make it more accessible for the new elementary school. So that makes drop-offs and pick-ups extra annoying.

july 22 school1 web

I picked Avery up at noon, which was a bit of a hassle because she wasn’t quite where they said she would be, but in the end, all was fine. Lauren was a half-hour late today (she was supposed to get home at 2:30) and showed up with THE PRINCIPAL because there was a bussing mix-up! Freaked me out a little to see a guy just show up at my door with my kid, but he was super nice and promised the issue would be fixed for tomorrow. Whew! What a day!

july 22 school2 web

(I caught Avery trying to pick her mosquito bite scab and this was the resulting photo, with her “lazy peace sign”). I didn’t have time to get another one, so slightly blurry photo it is!