Summer Walk

Lauren and I just got back from a walk. It was short since the bugs are crazy.

Even with her braces (SMOs on her feet), it’s still hard for her to walk long distances, so our short trail is perfect.

I particularly liked this shot!

Happy Almost Weekend!

Summer Flowers

I took these at my niece’s birthday party yesterday. My brother-in-law is quite the gardener! I can’t even keep a store-bought flower alive.

My niece also has a Fairy Garden. She got some new pieces to add to it for her birthday.

(My nephew’s knee for scale!)

Happy Sunday!

Flowers at Kiwanis Park

We put Lauren on the bus this morning (last week of summer school!) and drove across town to Kiwanis Park to waste time before the college bookstore opened. We only spent about two minutes here because it started raining. In the few minutes it took me to drive back to the college, it was full-on pouring when we went into the college.

We also picked up some garbage left around the park. With the amount of trash cans all over, there is NO excuse not to pick up after yourselves.

These red ones were my favorite (other than hydrangeas, of course) but I have no clue what they are!

Most of the flowers were a little scraggly looking, but it’s been awhile since we’ve have rain and it’s been pretty warm. There was about one decent flower in each kind, but they were still pretty!